HR Noise 6: Earthing (Grounding)

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

So, finally I decided to make electrical earthing for my HR gadgets.

On playing blues with overdrive, high gain, the high and low pitch noises also have high gain. It's apparently annoying. Grounding by the guitar's strings is only on touching these, woo.

Plus, the 330 yen monitor sounds the high pitch noise. It should be earthed anyway.

In addition, my RasPi 3 freezes sometimes (probably in communication with SD card). Earthing may help this issue. It's not a joke. The communication between the SD card and the CPU is though electrical pulses assumed no noise.

Normal 100V 15A outlets in JP are two-pronged, i.e., no earthing. The 100V 20A outlets are three-pronged, and sometimes have the bolt for earthing. The bolt is the point to avoid noises.

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