LesPaul SL 1: Original Pickups

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Two Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnet Single Coils

Bridge Ground: OK

DC Resistance with Toggled Upper: Approx. 5.5K Ohms

DC Resistance with Toggled Center: Approx. 2.75K Ohms

DC Resistance with Toggled Under: Approx. 5.4K Ohms

Neck: Epiphone 650SCR

Bridge: Epiphone 700SCT

So I assume that the two have inductance at 2.7 henry, but not tested. These high tone are clearer than hum backers because of lower inductive impedance. The center position halves resistive and inductive impedance, so high tone should have more clearer.

Updating: In testing with a compass, I found that each pickup has different magnetic polarity from another, but I confirmed that each one has the same voltage polarity as another. When you use both pickups at the center position of the toggle switch, this difference operates like a humbucker, i.e., hum noise is reduced. However, both pickups are connected in parallel, although a humbucker is made of two pickups connected in serial.

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