IoT 3: Make Your Own Website for Correct Marketing

Last Updated on September 19, 2020

I have two questions for you. The first question is "do you underestimate or overestimate Internet marketing for your business?" I guess almost business owners say no idea. The next question is "how about your marketing tools on Internet?" If your answer is some major service, I strongly recommend that you should have your own website and analyze visitors by yourself. So, I listed reasons as below.

1. Basically, major services serve marketing data for your business incorrectly. The incorrectness by major services is a usual practice since 1990's free web hosting. I don't know the incorrectness comes from an intended plan or unintended system issues, but I guess they are thinking that the true data of marketing is the treasure which gives them wealth. I don't know how they join any MBA school, however their meme on Internet marketing has been inflated bigger than its real result. Anyway, as long as they could touch the marketing data, the true data can't be sent for you. The solution is having your website. If possible, it should be on your server. At least, it should get raw log data of accesses that can be analyzed by GoAccess, etc. Again, you can't know what you are by Internet marketing without your website, i.e., your true presence may be bubbled or ignored.

# GoAccess is a log analyzer on Debian GNU/Linux 10.

# Install GoAccess

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install goaccess

# Go into Folder Logs of Apache, etc. Are Stored.

cd ~/Desktop/weblog

# If logs are zipped, use an unarchiver such as gunzip.

#gunzip ./*.log.gz

# Start GoAccess. Select an appropriate log format, e.g., NCSA Combined. This command assumes all in a folder are daily access logs.

goaccess -f ./*.log

2. By having your website, you can comply with the privacy policy of your website. Major services tend to collect many types of visitor data without your actual need. I don't know who is the free rider, but the collected data may have privacy. To get your marketing data, any privacy data is never needed. For example, if you obtain only browser types, you can reference an external research that tell you how the browser type is used by people, i.e., the distribution of ages, etc. In your website, you can list the data you collect and the purpose of the collection in the privacy policy. I think it's legally safe for your business.

3. To learn how to analyze the data you obtain, your knowledge to Internet marketing becomes deeper than staffs in major services. I think the correct marketing in Internet can be realized by surpassing major services in terms of the knowledge. You don't need to join any MBA school as them, but you may need to study Internet more than ever.

* So, we need to doubt data of Internet marketing in the world where dramas like B-films are widely strewed. Recent producers of dramas apparently research keyword rankings of search engines. "Zombie" and "Alien" make a super specie without its life matter. Keyword rankings are important because of needs of multi-side evaluations in Internet marketing, however you should not use these keywords with an one-side evaluation. Otherwise, producers and a small amount of "people (staffs and their friends)" only get excited about the keywords and their "thick" enthusiasm eventually affects its marketing data (like a positive feedback in an electric circuit). The bubbled keyword isolates the drama from external audiences, and they are finally aware of the thing when the drama doesn't give them any benefit at all. I call the "Meta syndrome" about the big issue on Internet marketing. In this time many special-purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) file IPO on the market. It's just companies without any business, but only with investment. It's the "Zombie" of South Sea Company in Britain, the 18th century! I'm concerned about the phenomenon in terms of "Meta syndrome".

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