IoT 5: Is Keyword World Ruined?

Last Updated on September 23, 2020

I added a search box as shown below (beneath this post). In fact, it's an external link to DuckDuckGo. Search engines had started their services with suggesting in-site search like this. However, search engines nowadays are not for in-site search, but these become just big media.

* Technically, I wrote the codes for the search box with JavaScript and HTML tags. In this usage, HTML tags should not be named "form" because the form tag will submit values by pressing Enter key without the "submit" typed input tag. If you're debugging only by smartphones, the issue can't be found. I used the ordinal div tag to define the region for the search box.

Since early 2010's search engines started to encrypt their websites by HTTPS, giving us secure accessing. However, webmasters met a trouble. Search engines started to hide search keywords attached to HTTP referer in website logs of webmasters. Webmasters had used HTTP referer to know what search keywords invited visitors. Search engines said this was because of secure user privacy. In spite of this statement, search engines as advertisement companies have given ads clients searched keywords in performance results. This story means the start of commercialism in search engines.

Today, we can count the number 10 from the thing. Searching keywords is still a strong tool in Internet marketing. Several companies give us rewards only by searching keywords. If you attach "#" to some keywords, it becomes the political trend we are hashed. We're living in the keyword world where many things are decided by popular keywords. If you're a director, your producer gives you several keywords which are popular in search engines, then the producer would say "make a story with these keywords". You may feel so spoiled because these keywords can destruct your creative imagination. Eventually, you may make a zombie-alien story. I think producers should respect your creative imagination. Does keywords make a masterpiece? I think No, and a masterpiece can make keywords. Masterpiece is a rare diamond in a coal mine. Producers should give directors free hands for creativeness, marketing tools can be used to know how the creativity amazed audiences. Since Kabukicho by keywords, the world started to be ruined. Now, keywords aren't tools to know trends, but tools to maintain major services in the Internet.

* I don't like to search Kabukicho, but let's search Akihabara Radio Depart. by DuckDuckGo with "map" word. It's a good appearance. I don't beg search engines to stop their commercialism, but these appearance in search results can be enhanced anyway. Although posts with several "big" keywords may be difficult to be indexed in search engines for their ads clients as well as old media used to do, their employees would trust "publicity" of their services. The paradoxical situation makes them unmotivated because they don't know the services are in fact just paid ranking pages.

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