E Blues 1: Memo on E Blues

Last Updated on May 14, 2020

So practicing E blues and my uncool hits everything so far.

1. Basically Sequences of Triplets

2. Start Phrase with E, End with E

3. Choking F# to G

More and more...

BTW, searching "young's" deluxe custom cars on Internet for my curiosity. There is a slight information on IT media. Underground still exists and no culture shows on IT even today. IT people do outside of IT.


I wonder if the people think the IT media like TV? TV is streaming the stereotypical dramas without consdering viwers' mind. TV's marketing is just a propaganda to force people to understand the acceptable dramas. Is the IT media just the same as TV? If so, the time for the freedom on IT has already passed. Their cars may not be acceptable in their business for the sake of the hardly managed society. Everytime, since the long past, the people is enjoying in the paradoxical world.

Pandora's box is hidden until the box is open. No one knows which is the box.

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