E Blues 3: Finger Forms

Last Updated on May 21, 2020

It's the tough time for the unison choking, 1st string 12th fret and 2nd string 15th fret.

So in practicingthe 5 blocks of the E minor pentatonic, I got the awareness on confirming finger forms of E major scales close to each blocks.

2nd Block: The finger form of E major is just the same as the C Phrygian scale at the 6th=A position (a root at the 3rd string, 5th fret). A Flat Phrygian

3rd Block: The finger form of E major is just the same as the C Myxolydian scale at the 6th=A position. B Myxolydian

4th: D Flat Aeolian

5th: E Ionian

6th: G Flat Dorian

At last I found out 7 positions of C major are made of fingerforms of mode scales. The uppermost 3rd=E position is just Myxolydian of the 6th=A position. I'm an ukulele player, so I learned from the 6th=A position.

Em7 (add4): On All Open at Regular Tuning. Em7 with 5th String 2nd Fret. The 4th note is 1 octave down of 11th note, so it's useful in Jazz, etc.

By the way, the battle against noises is progressing. Earthing helps me a lot. And I got an anwer to the high pitch noise. Its origin may come from PC, however its amplification seems to come from the resonance between my preamp and my guitar. The distance between these reduces the noise. Plus, earthed RasPi 3 becomes to perform as RasPi 2 connected with Ethernet for Internet. 3's WiFi module may need earthing to stabilize RasPi's performance, including communication with RAM, SD card and peripherals. I'll report the battle more ASAP...

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