Jokes 2: Saving Tips, Wasabi Oil Sardine

Last Updated on July 4, 2020


Strongly no money. So, let's say how to save it for Summer and the next season. I don't want to be a grasshopper in the fairly tale anyway, even if he is a honored instrumental music player.

1. Oil Sardine with Wasabi: Good for the daily dinner because wasabi makes the sardine much better. I don't say the brand of the sardine can, but it's made in the country where NO LIAR LIVES. Anyway, it's the amazing taste of Mediterranean sea food.

2. Instant Noodles, Not Cup Noodles: Microwave cooking with hot water. Get 10% cost down for the daily lunch.

3. DIY LA Godzilla Hairstyle: Having established "Autonomous" zone in Seattle, WA in 2020. Move out to 70's Venice, LA. I wonder if POLITICIANS can think of making the culture. So, some politician says "you can tour the spring hunt in the next year. So don't it in this year". Even nobody knows the fate of the life for one year. Several artists are judging for scientists and against politicians. Scientists may lie about something, but politicians are just monsters that know the fate of the life.

P.S. Until the last day of the month, the Seattle party had ended. It's just only one month disposal. What are politicians playing with cultural things? Culture isn't a cardboard toy of them.

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