Jokes 3: News on Medals of Olympic Games Let Me Remember Regulation No. 4 Slot Machines

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

Every gambling game is just a child play because you can't get profit at all even if a tax sheet has a column. You never need to be crazy on gambling games.

On many news of Olympics, the phrase cached my eyes. I don't quote news online, but you can easy this phrase by search engines.

「メダル確定」 = Win to Guarantee Medal

「銀メダル以上確定」= Win to Guarantee Gold or Silver Medal

「44個のメダル確定」 = 44 Medals to Be Guaranteed (But Not Grabbed Yet: Actually 40 Medals to Japan as of Noon on 8/5/2021)

Just this phrase let me remember 「パチスロ4号機」 ("Pachisulo Yon Gou Ki" = Regulation No. 4 Slot Machines).

No. 4 had been located at「パチンコ店」 ("Pachinko Ten" = real gambling shops) in Japan for 1992-2007 (note that Pachinko Ten can be sited near housing areas). No. 4 had soft restrictions on speculative matters, and the significance of No. 4 is the ability to carry over bonuses until a jackpot. This ability is made of "over-high-tech-rather-than-expected" computers in No. 4 machines. No. 4 made real gambling shops success in that days. However, No. 4 machines are prohibited by the government. Around 2010, retired No. 4 machines are displayed in junk shops. Illegal gambling shops used to be raided by the police because of servicing No. 4.

No. 4 was just a figure of the easiness in Japan before 2010s. If you are foreigners, your imaginal Japanese culture with miscellaneous technologies such as Akihabara were made in that days, and the scene nowadays in the city is just the ash of the culture. The phrase on Olympics just tells me nostalgia on the culture among people. However, the strategy of the government after Olympics is just gambling, and the rapid developer wants to make cities like Las Vegas near housing areas of Tokyo. Players of No. 4 in that days may be in the government. They lost a lot of medals in No. 4, and now gain few medals of Olympics. With these medals, how will they start the new gamble? Mayor of Nagoya City bites softball player's gold medal. Medals of Olympics are given to the nation, but not players. Officials of the government, past young in front of No. 4, just think medals are grabbed by them. I'm not in favor of wearing any national flag anyway, but my opinion is that Olympics are just nationalist's games rather than peacemaker's games. In fact, players of several sports like judo, wrestling, fencing, boxing, etc. are service members of Japan Armed Forces (although there is an assertion that they're peacegivers in Japan Self-defence Forces). Besides, the "delightful" stories of Olympics are written by scenario writers of "multi-media" who discuss in 「居酒屋」 ("Izakaya" = Japanese-style pubs).

Updated on 8/9/2021: All of Tokyo Olympic Games are ended yesterday. Japan grabbed 27 gold medals, 14 silver medals, 17 bronze medals. JOC's expectation was 30 gold medals and 60 medals in total. In spite of Tokyo lost big money and it's financial health severely, the amount of medals is under the expectation. I don't think the amount isn't fatal to Japanese nationalism, but politicians would want more medals. The big issue on Tokyo Olympics is borderless players between armature sports and professional sports. In BASEBALL, Japanese players who play on its professional league grabbed gold medals. American players grabbed silver medals, and a part of them plays or has played on Japanese professional league. WHO CAN ENJOY GAMES AGAINST EMPLOYERS AND TEAMMATES? I even doubt on golf games, especially on women's individual about its silver medal (don't give away), BUT BASEBALL IS MUCH WORSE BECAUSE OF THE GAME BY TEAMS. I know every professional sport in every nation has financial crisis because of the disease, BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT GAMES OF BASEBALL IN TOKYO OLYMPICS. One tip to players of BASEBALL is "NO SPITTING" because they're apparently out of the history of the victory of the public hygiene. Caution that Olympics are, basically, for armature players who aren't get money by their sports, and give armature players opportunities to advertise their sports world-wide. We consider whether high-commercial sports should join or not in Olympics. Japanese baseball players used to be called as 「侍」 ("Samurai" = warriors, or public officials in Edo period), and this implies given salaries (although annual rices in that days). The system of Samurai was abolished in Meiji period, and 「旗本」 ("Hatamoto" = executive Samurai of Tokugawa Shogunate) lost good salaries suddenly. I don't expect all Japanese and American baseball players lost their salaries in this crisis, but their "classic" actions reduce fans of baseball and ruin its prosperity.

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