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2. [ Cat]


3. [1. &2. &3. ]: +-2 Lines for "1. " AND +-2 Lines for "2. " AND +- 2 Lines for "3. "


4. [2. &1. &3. ]

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Making Bass Drum: Basically, it's the same as claps in terms of echoing.1. Making 0.25 seconds tone of 55Hz sine wave with 0.9 amplitude.2. A tight attack by "Fade Out" more iterated than what you expect (Ctrl+R for Iteration).3. Echo with 0.025 of the delay time and 0.1 of the decay factor. Settings to make echo may vary depending on your music.4. Normalize to adjust its gain level.


Making Claps (2): In addition to the previous post on the July 7th, I note my example to make clapping sound.1. A tight clap by "Fade Out" pink noise more iterated than what you expect (Ctrl+R for Iteration). Check it with your hand clap.2. 3 "one clap" tracks.3. Gaps within 0.05 seconds.4. Echo with 0.2 of the delay time and 0.05 of the decay factor. Just echo rather than reverb.About normalizing and compression, you would do these for sound power.Monetary Matter: Every news since old time until now from Tokyo is always on such a matter. In a series of news about abuses against TV talents and actors by a passing successful manager, an influential musician -- worked with the manager, and commented about the news -- is named "old man" on anonymous Internet. I should blame every abuse, and I guess the mastermind is a group of TV producers. Since the death of the manager, talents and actors under him started to transfer to new agencies. If any benefit exists for TV producers, they're willing to help the news. The manager was renowned because of giving Japanese popular music scene since the ear of the occupation army professionalism, having big ability to negotiate with TV producers about casting TV talents. I think the figure of power becomes like Hollywood's film producers who have the big ability of casting. Japanese TV producers just grab the big ability of casting as well as the past days when the manager grabbed it.


Making Claps: I tried Tenacity to make clapping sound.1. Generate pink noise with 1 second and 0.3 gain on a track.2. Envelope (F2 for Envelope Tool from Selection Tool, icons on the side of the "Record" icon) or iterated "Fade Out" effect to get a significant attacking sound, i.e., just one clap.3. Duplicate the track to 2 or 3.4. Arrange the timing to start a clap on each track for gaps in 0.1 seconds.5. Select all tracks and mix to a track.6. Add "Echo" effect if you want.7. Add gain control.Note pink noise seems to be better than white noise for making claps. Analyze spectrum of both noises. Brownian noise is natural, but having less power because of low frequencies and DC bias.

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1. Red Dot: 1st Note of Major Scale

2. Green Dot: 3rd Note

3. Blue Dot: 5th Note

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1. I haven't tested RS-485 with ATtiny85 yet.

2. I need to test a GPIO expander such as MCP23017 with ATtiny85 which has 8 pins.

3. The procedure and proper timing of powering on ATtiny85 and RS-485 transceiver, then setting pin states.

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1. Ubuntu 22.04

2. Qtractor

3. SoX (Sound eXchange)

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