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Good Guitar:

- Nice


Better Guitar:

- Nice


Test Nice&Guitar and High Power&Nice&Guitar to compare results.

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This tune is effected by "Reverb". DRIVE SAFELY. Here is a music movie in 1 minute. Nice photos in the movie are downloaded from Pexels.

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A3-2: As guitar pedals, there are several types of compressors. An opto-isolator or an operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) is typically the core of the circuit. An opto compressor uses opto-isolator's nonlinearity for compression, and an OTA compressor acts like an automatic gain controller (AGC) of a radio receiver. I've made a plot of an opto compressor, and I've confirmed the sound is nicely fat. Meanwhile, this pedal compresses inputted sound as I mentioned in A2-1. Several compressors have "Attack (time to reach intended compression rate)" and "Release (time to recover from compression)" knobs. These are envelope generators limited to signal surpassed a threshold on "Attack" and signal fell below a threshold on "Release", and the threshold would be measured by root mean square (RMS) with compressing delayed sound to resolve phase shift of RMS. I think the latency on the compressor with RMS may become an issue on your live and/or online stage performance. I introduce the Envelope effect which can change the "Decay (after threshold on attacking)" and "Release (from decaying)" time. Both Attack/Release compressors and my Decay/Release Envelope effect make a trapezoid envelope to reduce sound. However, Decay/Release has the same time. Decay/Release makes an envelope forming an isosceles triangle, which is triggered by the threshold on attacking of the input from a guitar. The bottom of sound loss on the Decay/Release envelope is limited by effect's configuration, resulting in making a trapezoid envelope.

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In my project of Raspberry Pi Pico, I'm making guitar pedals. The code has already done, and I'm plotting the hardware right now. I coated an aluminum enclosure by waterborne acrylics which I bought at a 100 yen (110 yen = 1 dollar these days) shop. The color are 80ml (2.7 fluid ounce) of red, and the rest of black which I used the past project. The box has same sized as Hammond 1590BB aluminum box. I bought the box with one on the past project. Note that I coated the box for 8 days in mid June. In general, the weather is fine and good to dry coating, and it's for avoiding to peel off the surface to coat.


* I also have my Project of Raspberry Pi Zero, 2B, and 3B. I've recently stopped this project because these achievements are just experimental. BCM2835 of Zero, BCM2836 of 2B, BCM2837 of 3B are nice SoCs, but there are several black boxes. Binary codes to operate several units of SoCs are mainly for Linux. However, if these SoCs reaches long-life popularity, I would resume this project, but it's the term like whiskey aged in an oak barrel.

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This JFET is manufactured by TOSHIBA. This has enough transconductance/transadmittance to hold power of signal on the output of an impedance transformer. Although it's available with TO-236 (similar to SOT-23) packages in Japan, the sound is nicely powerful like in my demonstration.

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