Home Recording (HR) Noise

It's the history of battling against noise on home recording with my Les Paul SL!

12: Shielded Cable to Fit with DIY Preamp

11: Assembled DIY Preamp with LM386

10: Design Circuit Board

9: Drilling Box

8: Makunouchi Placing

7: How to Ground

6: Earthing (Grounding)


Super Four

Epi. 3

2: Who Is the Guy?

1: High Pitch Noise

Electric (E) Gadgets

Several DIY Gadgets of Electronics

7: JFETs in Real World

6: Numbering Lugs of Potentiometers in My Schematics

5: Compressor for Electric Guitar with PC817

4: Bread Board of Impedance Transformer and DIY Preamp with LM386

3: DIY Preamp with LM386

2: Dual Mode LED Torch

1: D Flip-flop Circuit


Ideas of Illumination with Wide Range Synchronization

1: RS-485 with Periodic 1200 Baud Rate Serial Signal via Waterproofing System

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