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Privacy Policy

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

Over All

Kenta Ishii complies with respecting all your information. This world-web-site (website) is published by Kenta Ishii through web-servers which Kenta Ishii contracts with a third party. The web-servers collects your log date, which is including IP address and related information embedded in IPv4, IPv6, HTTP Headers and so on. Kenta Ishii is sure that your information is correctly protected from any violation of laws in the web-servers. Kenta Ishii only uses your information for the purpose of improving contents of this website, and the purpose of detecting violation of laws.

Your Sensitive Information

Possible subjected information of yours are various as below.

a. Devise ID: Your devise’s identification numbers and/or characters. This information is absolutely sensitive and all business on Internet should comply respecting this type of information.

b. IP address and related information: Your address in Internet access with related information such as access dates, names of Internet service providers, Browser’s names, Devises’ types, OS types and Routers’ types.

c. Attribute Information: Gender, Location, Age and other attributes to know much better statistics for their marketing strategies. These of your information are in your device. For instance, search-engines understand your activities on the Internet by sending HTTP cookies in use of them to show appropriate advertisements on other websites.

There are website links to the third-party partners in this website. For instance, if you click banner advertisements or interstitial advertisements except the areas which indicate closing advertisements, you go to websites of third-party partners through your web-browser or other tools such as a computer software which implements Internet access. Also websites of third-party partners may use HTTP cookies that collects your information. Please turn off the function of HTTP cookies in your web-browser if you do not want this type of information collecting.

This website is not intended for use by children, especially children under 13 years of age. If User is under 18 years of age, User must use this website with parents.

Please free to contact me by E-mail if you have any opinion or comment on this site.
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