LesPaul SL 11: Customizing for Serial Pickups

Last Updated on July 28, 2021

I customized my Les Paul SL again to replace the special module with the ordinal system. However, I like the rich treble of Les Paul SL. I re-plotted the work of customizing

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I omit the TONE to get treble in the new plot. I only worked things on the area of cyan color.

The selector with factory default. I removed red cables from the neck pickup and the output by my soldering iron, and remained the black cable from the bridge pickup.

I soldered the jack and the A500K POT in advance by lead solder using liquid flux. I pre-soldered wires and the points for soldering on the jack and the POT. To get detachable, I didn't coil wires to the jack or the POT before soldering.

Switchcraft #11 Jack distributed by Montreux with Kyowa Harmonet KPPV-SW 7/0.18X1C (External ⌀1.8mm): The center conductor of the shielded cable closes to AWG24.

Alpha ⌀16mm A500K ohms POT distributed by SCUD: I applied twisted copper wires of the MOGAMI shielded cable to connect with No. 3 pad and the sanded point of back lid of the POT for grounding. Note that I had used some generic A500K ohms POT, but it had zero ohms at the maximum volume, i.e., a mechanical glitch. Someone may know the generic POT, but I omitted out the detail of the POT because of no subject in this post.

Alpha POT has a nut which can be turned by a ⌀11mm wrench, but the generic POT has a nut which can be turned by a ⌀10mm wrench. Beside, Switchcraft #11 jack has a nut which can be turned by a ⌀13mm wrench, but the generic jack has a nut which can be turned by a ⌀12mm wrench. To fit the new POT and the new jack with each holes in the pickguard, I needed to widen holes by a taper reamer.

Caution that the pickguard may be melted by heat of your soldering iron. To connect parts with shielded wires, I used a small plastic box (TAKACHI SW-40B, W30mm H20mm D40mm) which have a hole to support a POT and a jack in soldering. I placed the plastic box above the hole in the pickguard to wire correctly and insulate the pickguard from heat. Note that the length of the white wire soldered on the POT for grounding to the bridge is approx. 150mm.

The sound of serial pickups is just summation of the neck pickup and the bridge pickup rather than a humbucker, i.e., the lost of middle. However, I think it's powerful on Bass and Treble. The level of noise is low enough on playing. Whereas, the bridge pickup gives the sound of single coil.

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