My Songs 1: "Beachside Bazaar"

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

First Published on August 29, 2021

It's my song. The phrase "the light lays" in this song can be imagined on the night deck lighted by a tungsten lamp which is heated much more than LED. In recent dramas, the light power in scenes is apparently reduced, even flickering, comparing to scenes of past dramas. You can imagine a couple needing the next step (basically, younger people used not to step up).

Download PDF File of Music Sheet: 100% FULLY COPYRIGHTED BY KENTA ISHII. If you want to use my song, please contact me via my twitter "Nazar" account. OR, I'LL SEND A BILL TO YOU.

This music sheet is made via MuseScore 3.

About my play with this song, I'll record my play by guitar. However, I haven't offered to the singer, Neighbor "Beow" Cat, because of this hot summer. Besides, I need to reserve a studio to record his voice.

Updated on 9/4/2021: I added a demo. I used my customized Les Paul SL (since 2021 models, it's renamed to Les Paul Melody Maker E1) for the recording. Even the bass part, I used this guitar. The solo guitar is for watermarking. I selected pickups in series on the bass and the solo, and the bridge one on the rhythm. I like its brass-like sound although I intended the "slower track with wavy vibe" than the demo. Note that I wrote the song with my BST-1R whose bridge is just floated. Basically, tracks in this demo are with run-through. However, I adjusted "earlier slides" from the click tracks. Note that timings of changing chords may differ from my original music sheet, but it's my brass-like arrange that is needed to have synchronization with other music instruments.

Notes on Recording with Audacity:

1. Record sound with peaks at least -12dB. About guitar sound, I applied the noise reduction after profiling noise for approx. 1.5 seconds in the region before playing, i.e., string grounding with no sound. I use a digital interface (UCA222) which inputs up to 2dBV = approx. 1.2589V. Therefore, in the meter of Audacity, 0dB becomes 2dBV, and -12dB means approx. 0.3162V.

Noise Reduction with 24dB, Sensitivity 12, 3 Bands for Frequency Smoothing, and Noise Reduce

2. Make silence (an icon on the upper right side) on no playing.

3. On playing an electric guitar, palm muting is needed for string grounding. For alternate picking with two fingers for a bass, you need left-hand muting.

4. To reduce the noise with no string grounding of an electric guitar, use noise reduction or low-pass filter.

5. I used a digital interface (UCA222) with my DIY preamp because of its low floor noise. The sound is treble enough to fit with popular music. However, you would think that a guitar amp boosts low frequencies. In addition to the effect of the room reverb, equalizing the direct sound may make your guitar sound natural. For small noise, I suggest NOT to record effected sound that is made through pedals. If you want to monitor effected sound for your excellent play, parallel connecting for a digital interface or pedals to an amp would be a good technique. The direct connection of the digital interface and my DIY preamp gives me editable clear sound from my guitar, and the recorded digital sound can be effected by software even in Audacity.

6. "View -> Mixer Board" is useful. "Tracks -> Mix -> Mix and Render to New Track" with selected tracks, but arrange available tracks by moving tracks (in a triangle icon of a track), or Ctrl + Left Click to select targeted tracks. See the mixing rule of Audacity.

7. Add approx. 0.5 seconds silence before the start and approx. 1 second silence after the end to the mixed track (think of 2 seconds pausing on sequential playing of music files).

Updated on 9/5/2021: I applied the compressor to the mixed track (Rev. 1.2) to get sound power.

In advance of the compression, I applied the normalization with this parameters.

Got the compression with this parameters. The peak touched 0dB after the compression.

Lastly, I applied the normalization again with reducing peaks -0.3dB. After the procedure, I made a MP3 file.

Beachside Bazaar (Instrumental)

Since mid August after Olympics in Tokyo, the world has started to sound wars. This song is written in the term of the Olympics, and it's needed a kind of silence to be made.

Updated on 9/1/2021: I added a chorus on the "highlight" part of this song. You can sing only the upper melody, but a chorus with a member would make your band become preferable.

History of This Song:

Rev. 1.7: Checked Tones and Chords on September 4th, 2021

Rev. 1.6: Added Chorus and Refrain in Outro on September 1st, 2021

Rev. 1.5: Checked Spells, and Added Chorus on September 1st, 2021

Rev. 1.4: Checked Spells, and Syllables on August 30th, 2021

Rev. 1.2: Checked Grammars, Syllables, and Tones on August 30th, 2021

Rev. 1.1: Checked Spells and Chords on August 29th, 2021

Rev. 1.0: Initial Upload on August 29th, 2021.

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