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Last Updated on May 14, 2020

Super Four! Honda's motor cycle I like. So when we were, it, the sizzle, was motor cycles. Several people had enjoyed old, second-hand, and no-tuneup cars. I heard recent people have ridden delux custom cars. That is exactly what the economy does.

So I test the impedance transformer for my electric guitar, Les Paul SL. Plus I got several new insights.

1. Guitar's coil and Amp's cap made the LC tank to resonate.

2. Guitar is an antenna to pick on air.

1 causes big noise. The guitars inductance-dominated output should be transformed to resistance-dominated output ASAP. Do you know the regenerative circuit used to be applied on radio receivers? It amplifies coil's output by its output with the positive feedback. It may occur with the guitar's pickup, then the resonation.

2 is the reason to pick PC noise. PC noise comes from not only wires, but also the air. Plus, you may hear human voices because the guitar can be the antenna for radio communication, probably at VHF band. When you touch strings of the guitar, the noise disappears? It means the lack of grounding. Almost electric guitars intend to ground through its strings and your body. Grounding of the amp sets another way to the earth.

However, you can enjoy the bright sound of the guitar even close to your PC. I think every keyboard can't emulate the sound in the perfect way. Actually, keyboards had less noise, and I'm aiming electric guitars for home recording as well as keyboards.

By the way, how does cars have grounding even putting on rubber tires? The answer is the black carbon in tires. In the winter, you may spark with a car because you have the voltage, but not the car. Well study kids...

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