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I am Kenta Ishii, living in the rim of Pacific Ocean Godzilla is sleeping.
Please do not hesitate to be curious about my technologies.


What is "JimmyKenMerchant"?

Jimmy Ken Merchant (JimmyKenMerchant) has started as the business name of an independent software developer since June 25, 2015 when I published an Android app, "Battle of Starlight" on Google Play. I published 4 apps, but I've unpublished these because of Euro's GDPR terms.

Related Links:

www.JimmyKenMerchant.com: The website to introduce apps (including a JavaScript Game).

battleofstarlight.blogspot.com: The blog for information about "Battle of Starlight".

jimmykenmerchant.blogspot.com: The blog for information about apps except "Battle of Starlight".

electronics.JimmyKenMerchant.com: The website to introduce WordPress plugins I made.

Please free to contact me by E-mail if you have any opinion or comment on this site.
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