HR Noise Five-O

Last Updated on May 21, 2020

So, Hawaii Five-0 have good series as long as the budget for scenes doesn't go-0.

What a Hong Kong movie!

So, I tested the impedance transformer.

Download PDF File: Schematic

The sound becomes hermonically bright because the high impedance of R1; and the high pitch noise are apparently reduced, but not all. The output power is a little down comparing to no impedance trans. In contrast to inductive coil output, its output seems to have the advantage at high frequencies.

I made the module to set close to the guitar. It's general purpose module to use with the DIY ukulele piezo pickup.

Connecting as above. The audio cable is SONY's RK-G136 (1.5m length) which is oxigen-free copper (OFC) wires, gold gilt plugs, and probably shielded parallel for LR. The cable has DC current like the plug-in power for microphone. Another side is on my breadboard, which will be arranged for taking the sound record.

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