BST-1R 3: Customizing Pickup Circuit

Last Updated on April 3, 2024

First Published on April 3, 2024

In playing the guitar, BST-1R, I hope more power from its bridge pickup. On playing rhythm, the power is enough. However, I play solo with the bridge one too, and a microphone doesn't pick up the sound well. I had thought of replacing the pickup, but I planned to change its pickup circuit to make the sound of both humbucker and single coil.

* I picked the sound from Marshall JCM900 and its settings reduced MIDDLE and gained TREBLE and BASS. You would understand the sound isn't suitable for picking up by a microphone. I like the sound though.

So, I planned the simple Jr. style at first, but I realized a pickup guard for Jr. style should be original by myself. The output from the bridge pickup on my BST-1R is originally without TONE. It's good at sound, and planned likewise. There is one TONE to control the output from both the neck pickup and the bridge pickup.

Steps on Customizing in This Season:

1. Make The Circuit Above in My Guitar

2. Replace Neck Screws: Plating of neck screws is peeled off. Note the distance between screw holes of the plate on Bacchus BST-1R is 34mm/48mm.

3. Polish Strap Buttons

4. Replace Felts on Strap Buttons

I've already replaced three tremolo springs with five ones, and I confirmed the set of springs actually works as the reverb effect because the bridge pickup can pick up the vibration of steel springs behind the pickup similar to strings.

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