LesPaul SL 2: Inside Pickguard

Last Updated on May 14, 2020

On the replacement of strings, took the picture.

I think it's well wired. You can see ferrite magnets under pickups. Wires are shielded and the green cap written "4 / 3 1". Hmm, It's 473 or so? Soldering is glossed, and may include lead (several lead free is glossed as lead though). Lead free is ideal, however the temperature of the soldering iron needs more temperature than lead. Its aerial wiring and the hot iron tips the parts directly.

By the way, the neck and the body is jointed by bolts, so it's easy to airborne in case. Its sustain is so-so. I had Yamaha's TC in my student era, and slightly remembered its raw sound is silent. I think Les Paul SL has enough raw sound for practicing.

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