LesPaul SL 3: Fingerboard Radius

Last Updated on August 5, 2020

From Epiphone and Sweetwater. Conflicts on specs are advantaged to Epiphone.


    Radius: 14" = 355.6mm

    Material: Rose Wood

    Fret: Medium Jumbo * 22


    Material: Hard Maple (Mahogany?)

    Shape: 60's SlimTaper (D Profile) Gibson/Epiphone almost has the so-called D as long as I know. The D neck has the fatter shoulder than the C neck, i.e., 60's slim is thinner than the 50's rounded at least.


    Material: Alder (Poplar?)

So, on the opinion as an owner, it may be made of outlet parts. In my opinion, the wood market has no need of "speculative" purchasing. By the way, Japanese hills have plenty of trees for timber.

14" is flatter comparing to guitars from Fender, etc.

How about the F code barre? I had tried it. In the first week, 2nd string made the mosquito. Since the second or third week, it became sounded well. Just practice.

So, it may fit with DiMarzio's pickups single-coil cased like DP182. 14", it makes the suspicion with LA style.

Hmm, Ryukyu arpeggio is the homework.

By the way, Epiphone guitars are made in China from 2004. Before its Chinese factory, they were made in Japan and Korea. Manufactures of guitars used to move factories to pursue its assembly cost (I don't know its parts cost though). So, I wonder if the company could move its factory.

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