E Blues 2: Pentatonic

Last Updated on May 14, 2020

Practicing pentatonic 5 blocks and the major scales near the block. Absolutely, it's hardly painless.


1. Start from 7th Flat in Addition to Root in Blues: 7th, 8th Root, 10th Flat, and 11th Choking

2. Choking to Blue Notes, 3rd Flat, 5th Flat, and 7th Flat from 2nd, 4th, and 6th to Intensify: Root, 3rd Flat, and 5th is the triad of blues, so dim7 has the root and all blue notes and like M7 for the mojor scale.

2. Major penta (the next block of the minor) fits with major scales as long as omitting the root. I think every guitar solo is the major/minor pentatonic scale except melody tones.

3. Timely Sliding Like Ichiro

5. End of Solo on 3rd, It's the protocol in sessions (No Protocol on Crazy).

6. Root Octave in Accent: Players add an intermediate note between the roots. 5th and so on, to effect overdrive well.

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