E Blues 7: Funky

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

So, try out funky blues.

If the blues can use in the hip-hop dance, it's clearly guitar's victory to the DJ desk.

My Playing (Karaoke), Only Rythms

It's swingy funk, but not like for hip-hop. Hmm, the DJ desk seems to win. Rappers may play with this track though.

Download PDF File of Chords for E Blues Including Funky Chords: I plays the 12-bar basic pattern with 192BPM, 8 beats and 2 rounds.

In the recording, I played with the rear pickup of Les Paul SL. Guitarix in RasPi OS is used, however, it's well jagged and also a little fat.

Recording How-to with RasPi

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