August 27, 2023

Rim Click: It's the same as claps in terms of echoing and pink noise. You need to iterate "Fade Out" to pink noise track for 0.25 seconds and adjust sound volume by "Normalize". Echo settings are 0.025 seconds on "Delay Time" and 0.1 on "Decay factor".

August 23, 2023

Classic Commerce: China defines the range of a business as a "family" for centuries years. I never read the classic book, but Chinese business habit would describe a loan as perpetual and having variable interest for the benefit of a loanee like a stock. The term of stock was derived from Europe, and China used to take business in other terms. The trouble has come from the lack of understanding for decades years between them. In Japan, basically, a loan is a returnable loan, and the range of a business is in a tiny field with many members.

August 17, 2023

Making Bass Drum: Basically, it's the same as claps in terms of echoing.
1. Making 0.25 seconds tone of 55Hz sine wave with 0.9 amplitude.
2. A tight attack by "Fade Out" more iterated than what you expect (Ctrl+R for Iteration).
3. Echo with 0.025 of the delay time and 0.1 of the decay factor. Settings to make echo may vary depending on your music.
4. Normalize to adjust its gain level.

July 25, 2023

Development of Jingu Gaien (神宮外苑): Outer Garden of Meiji Jingu in Tokyo is under construction for renewal. For saving trees, artists protest against this development. The garden is like Central Park in New York City in view of cultural activities. The place is also for sports like baseball, rugby football, and golf. Besides, the land can add a couple of buildings to skyscrapers of Tokyo. In my opinion, almost forests in Japan were made by people for timbers, charcoal, and gardens. Trees would like to be treated. However, the opinion of artists who made artworks in many renowned advertisements should be respected as the right way of this development, because they made not only artworks, but also the clean image of Tokyo. In several fashion districts in Tokyo, there are cafés where people enjoy their recreations. Interior designs of good cafés may represent the image that is cultivated by artworks in advertisements you watched. In marketing to young people, the image of cleanness is important. Who, reaching their 20 and passing it right now, can admit a café with any suspicious business they feel?

Ryuichi Sakamoto, the musician and the artist, who passed away in this year supported this protest. Famous musicians and authors are in favor of saving trees. In the other hand, Meiji Jingu, the Shinto shrine, won't cut every tree through this development. The shrine want to save trees in its territory rather than some aggressive building project. Shinto used to worship holy trees and maintain these with a lot of effort. These trees would be used as timbers of new shrines, and powerful shrines have big forests of holy trees. It's the natural desire that worshipers of Meiji Jingu hope to expand its Shinto power with the prosperity of their successors. The Outer Garden was requisitioned by the occupation army from the U.S. after WW2, and designated as the scenic zone by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in the army ear. Don't forget eyes in the U.S. to dislike the foreign religion on that time. I expect the protest is going at peace, and young people would seek the future of Tokyo through this protest in contrast with business matters they're totally annoyed.

This post is revised on July 26th, 2023.

July 13, 2023

Hong Kong Government announced a future import ban on sea foods from Japan because of discharging treated water including tritium coming from nuclear accident at Tohoku region. Remember, almost all of people in some generation of Japan went to Hong Kong at the late 1980's. This movement started since Plaza Accord gave strong yen. This accord also gave young people European bags and watches, and tours to Hawaii, Guam, and Hong Kong pegged to USD. Especially, Hong Kong was the most popular because of shorter flight to travel by plane comparing to Hawaii. Besides, the gorgeous skyline and night in Hong Kong was called as 百万ドルの夜景 = a-million-dollar night view (The night view twinkled with millions of dollars). These days, Korea, Taiwan, and nations in Southeast Asia are popular to travel for young people in Japan. However, in view of eagerness to buy foreign goods, the power in Japan is just weaker than the days with Hong Kong.

July 12, 2023

Sake God: A well-known theory tells 40% of Japanese have less ability to metabolize alcoholic drink, and 10% of Japanese can't drink. Many articles tell this is because of heredity. Someone would tell this is because of Bacchus far away. I guess this is because of some role in culture. The 60% drink sake too much. Surely, Japan needs uninfluenced people, but they would be in a trouble if they need to join a party for business. The god of sake is a little bit tricky.

July 11, 2023

Making Claps (2): In addition to the previous post on the July 7th, I note my example to make clapping sound.
1. A tight clap by "Fade Out" pink noise more iterated than what you expect (Ctrl+R for Iteration). Check it with your hand clap.
2. 3 "one clap" tracks.
3. Gaps within 0.05 seconds.
4. Echo with 0.2 of the delay time and 0.05 of the decay factor. Just echo rather than reverb.
About normalizing and compression, you would do these for sound power.

Monetary Matter: Every news since old time until now from Tokyo is always on such a matter. In a series of news about abuses against TV talents and actors by a passing successful manager, an influential musician -- worked with the manager, and commented about the news -- is named "old man" on anonymous Internet. I should blame every abuse, and I guess the mastermind is a group of TV producers. Since the death of the manager, talents and actors under him started to transfer to new agencies. If any benefit exists for TV producers, they're willing to help the news. The manager was renowned because of giving Japanese popular music scene since the ear of the occupation army professionalism, having big ability to negotiate with TV producers about casting TV talents. I think the figure of power becomes like Hollywood's film producers who have the big ability of casting. Japanese TV producers just grab the big ability of casting as well as the past days when the manager grabbed it.

July 7, 2023

Making Claps: I tried Tenacity to make clapping sound.
1. Generate pink noise with 1 second and 0.3 gain on a track.
2. Envelope (F2 for Envelope Tool from Selection Tool, icons on the side of the "Record" icon) or iterated "Fade Out" effect to get a significant attacking sound, i.e., just one clap.
3. Duplicate the track to 2 or 3.
4. Arrange the timing to start a clap on each track for gaps in 0.1 seconds.
5. Select all tracks and mix to a track.
6. Add "Echo" effect if you want.
7. Add gain control.
Note pink noise seems to be better than white noise for making claps. Analyze spectrum of both noises. Brownian noise is natural, but having less power because of low frequencies and DC bias.

July 6, 2023

New SNS: Meta's Threads opens. On this time, you can get a numbered badge on your Instagram menu, and you show everyone what a series of numbers your destiny selects. I just don't tell the digits I met, and humbly omitted the badge not to get any confusion from anyone. So far, Threads doesn't implements "#" tags and any distinct future for trends, but a pre-followed stream exists when I open it.

June 11, 2023

Hawaiian Shirts Machine Washable or Not: Modern Hawaiian shirts have many variety. Shirts with Japanese Kimono design may be your favorite one. Your shirts may be washed in a laundry machine, and the fabric would be cotton or any strong synthetic fiber. We can easily imagine "very" vivid color on shirts with your regular life. I recommend Hawaiian shirts made of 100% silk or vintage one with painless color if your laundry machine has "dry cleaner" mode. You also need a delicate wash liquid detergent in the cabinet and a washing net bag with fine meshes. Note that the corner of the tank of a laundry machine used to be covered in dirt, and the dirt would stick to your cloth after washing. Your washing net bag with fine meshes would protect your no fast shirts from the unreasonable dirt. Basically, it should be dried in the shade, but it's amazingly easy to dry.

Ads Locality: Radio services are helped by Internet for good quality. I think radio services are better than any other Internet service that is typically worldwide. We are living in a site with a physical address, and it's natural that you want to know news or "real" events around you in the manner of no virtual. These days, I'm bored of worldwide contents on Internet, guessing negative incentives for creators, e.g., low prices on auctions for online advertising. While, radio advertising could hold its price because of its locality. To eat meals everyday, people must live in the real place where a radio service announces its whether, many warnings, and several bargains.

June 5, 2023

Presence: Coming the summer, and there is the time for a lot of live performances. On the other hand, we would like online streaming, i.e., one consolidated audio line for the sound from speakers on the stage and the home. We can't pick a speaker only for 808 hand claps, snares, and any other decorations. To get the clipless headroom in the audio line to add several "boosters", we need a good compressor which is easy to use, no delay, and so-so valuable with many semiconductors. To be honest, audio plugins in your computer make audio compression easy. However, I guess several regulations in your professional fields and an empty space in your rack. Just as guitarist's Fender amp, a soundmaker in a live performance may need a standalone compressor. Anyway, people wouldn't get dominance without outdoor activities rather than NFT domains.

May 3, 2023

Here is the concurrent data on job offers in the national service. This is a moat. We would understand the moat on Japanese construction industry from the data. According to news, this moat is coming from soaring material prices. In addition to this, I expect overorder in past 10 years. I don't know workers, in any way, who don't connect with the construction industry. We're in the tough situation, but cyclical. Whatever, samurais need to climb up the moat onto daimyo's castle. We've heard "the good time to buy your house is just your time to need a house", in the other words, there is no worth to wait for discounting your bill for your new building. Even if material prices slow down in future months, labor cost will climb up. However, this is a kind of gloom. I expect the mood will be continued for this year because customers are gauging their budgets right now. Young men, how we can enjoy the chill beats in this summer?

April 27, 2023

In the gender theory in cultural anthropology, men are just for fields. Who could be excited to an event by a fortuity? For such an event, they lined up to a slot shop in the Japanese morning. They need no event that has a structure, a schedule, and a plot. There is a nature since hundreds and thousands years ago, and we need to learn how Internet in their houses can't give them anything. Just cheers to days in my field.

April 3, 2023

In January, Mr. Ken Block passed away at his age of 55. We used to be no sad against a death of a stuntman. Just remember his entertainment and our awareness to safe driving.

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