April 4, 2024

Biden vs. Trump in the 2024 election: From Japan, I saw an atmosphere upon young people in the U.S. was cleared by Obama's 2008 campaign at least since its summer. In this time, nobody seems to clear the atmosphere. I understand the U.S. needs to reform its draft because of an issue of its military recruitment. In my opinion, U.S. Draft should be resumed for demonstrating its workforce to function as a military, having young people watched what their military does, having young people seen how their military trains them, and giving compensations to young people for their economy. Whether Obama or not, reforming U.S. Draft such as a lottery system would become one of tasks stacking on President's desk. In 2001, the draft was able to resume because of the national emergency, but volunteers said no because of something. Right now, there is no volunteers to claim their force to their military.

April 3, 2024

At the NAMM Show 2024 in Anaheim, several Japanese companies committed to demonstrate their instruments. CA shows higher unemployment rate than other states. From Japan, my short comment on this data is that CA just lost people specially in the middle class. For example to hide people from the state, there is higher rate of state corporate income tax. I remember the North American headquarters of Toyota moved from CA to TX. Californian Fender's headquarters is now in AZ. Both companies stay their factories in CA, and I know factories actually hire people. Which committed company does hire people for CA right now? This is the short comment, and I don't tell further details of my opinion about the future CA. However, I just guess the measure to treat CA is so tough like Baki in the manga. The hint is the theory that reduced tax rate affects public services.

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