Jokes 4: Should We Expose Our Lives to Get Viewers Online?

Last Updated on February 8, 2022

First Published on January 16, 2022

In the late 1990s, the availability of electronic musical instruments was matured. Since then, everyone hasn't needed to join a band. A singer can sing a song with a music sequencer or karaoke. In marketing of music and fashion, this phenomenon has been making stories of "lives". Now, influencers become friend-like idols over the display of your smartphones. I can't judge whether this unhealthy or not, but I could just describe the issue and the necessity.

On marketing online, there are three big factors to boost your stories.

1. Pickup by Platforms

Just ride on their businesses of platforms. Platforms seem to pick up posted stories connected to hot topics. Search their hot topics in real time, and post your story about the topic. If it's coming new year, it's just new year greetings. If they want local news, you become a local person to inform facts. If you can know a big advertisement on a platform, post your story on the platform to help the advertisement. If you're a singer, you should sing a popular song that represents a season of weather or celebration rather than your original song.

2. Support by Groups

Just play your role as a favored character to fit with a particular group that wants to propaganda its ideology and advertise its value in the world. It's no matter whether your role is your truth character or not. If a group wants to boost consuming non-alcoholic drink, you should become a kid, who really wants non-alcoholic drink every time, and get pranks. If a group wants to people diligent for a nation, you should become a super person to work for the life of everyone. If a group is for banks, you should become an economist to apparently save money more than others. If a group want to sell musical instruments, you should become a powerful consumer rather than musicians. In view of this, rock bands are slightly remained because of a social moral calling as "cooperation", but not a necessity. This factor is just the business strategy of Media, and the reason Media tend to have biasing with leaning to the opinion of its big supporter. The road that individuals could become Media opened on Internet since the 1990s, and GeoCities was the one of platforms. It's mainly texts and images, and if my memory is correct, someone had published short videos. However, the prosperity of GeoCities suddenly ended. I guess the end was intended by business owners to restructure the business of platforms for making individuals more become effective Media because GeoCities was just the server of websites. In the early 2000s, the technology to stream videos online was apparently immatured. However, until YouTube absorbed bloggers, blogging platforms were popular. In my opinion, Metaverse is just the remaining incense of the past prosperity of GeoCities because essences of Metaverse had already existed in GeoCities, and there were the big hope of developing Internet. I remember students in the early 2000s tried to ignore the aspect of Media because of expecting to develop Internet along with their successes as personalities online.

Updated on 2/8/2022: I don't know the value of updating a joke, but I need to list up Avatar. Who can forget the Avatar movie in 2009? Is the next movie "Metaverse v.s. Avatar" or "Metaverser in Avatar"? As a study, I checked some chart of some company, and I recognized the summit is just the Metaverse of the dotcom bubble just in a small pocket. Everything of IT is in good old days absorbed by Avatar of Metaverse. We should plan to watch the movie "You've Got Mail (1998)" in the St. Valentine's Day.

3. Paid Promotion

Caution that you should touch this pill after ensuring item No.1 and No. 2. I guess your paid promotion on platforms increases viewers, but it's just temporary. Especially, item No. 2 is absolutely required.

I don't want to become an influencer, and I don't try all factors as I described above to get popularity so far (fortunately). Why? It's because of hiding to open my final card as a musician or a personality online. Marketing with any personal character is effective, because the personal character becomes a virtual leader, who is big because of demonstrating in Media, of a particular group. However, this effect would be vanished if the person just does a strange action out of group's moral. I think a professional musician can't change their actions and characters too. I'm not professional, having options to show several characters later. I remember a publisher in GeoCities closed the website because of "tired of exposing my life".

* You would try to know your popularity by the number of views. However, if you're just want public relations online, you check out impressions. The number of impressions can be found on services of Google, and it means the number that your stories are displayed on the platform anyway. In contrast, the number of views are considered effectiveness of displaying, i.e., platforms modify the number in accordance with their rules. For example, Google seems to count views of its search results using cookies with its analytics, and this means you would need to implement its analytics on your website. On its video service, they would probably distinguish effective displaying whether visitors are signed-in accounts or not. Counting the number of views of influencers are the crucial point of their business, but it's an expensive purchasing to me.

* I think it's time to leave current big platforms. On the music world, the connection between live performances and online streaming becomes the big topic. I believe that new platforms dedicated to music will emerge to fit with this demand, and platforms will become specialized to one field. In the near future, third-party HTTP cookies will be abolished on major Internet browsers, and individual activities online will become hard to be tracked. This means advertisers will want a more specified theme to each platform. It'll be welcomed because we won't see any dully prank online, or will see it on specialized one for competitive pranks.

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