RasPi 9: Guitar Pedal Effected by Raspberry Pi Pico (Demonstration - Reverb)

Last Updated on November 7, 2021

First Published on November 4, 2021

Let's start to demonstrate my guitar pedal effected by Raspberry Pi Pico. Here are demonstrations on effects of reverberation.

All demonstrations are played with BST-1R. On Audacity, tracks had noise reduction, normalization, and compression like the demonstration of my song. You will listen noise more than these tunes on playing with this pedal connected to an amp. However, the noise should be reduced by any algorithmic noise reduction on a filter in an audio mixer connected with a microphone. I used this pedal as a last stage pedal, having my DIY preamp as a first stage buffer. I guess almost all of guitarists set a first stage buffer including an overdrive to adjust the output level and stay treble and also bass.

E Blues Take 2 - "Surf Road by Retro Bus"

This tune is effected by "Reverb". DRIVE SAFELY. Here is a music movie in 1 minute. Nice photos in the movie are downloaded from Pexels.

Journey to Orient

This tune is effected by "Non-feedback (Echo) Mode" of "Reverb", becoming the sound like so-called chorus.

Sunrise New York (2021)

This tune is effected by "Room Reverb". I like vibrations on the sound.

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