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DIY Memos 2023

April 27, 2023


DIY Memos 2022

April 4, 2022

I opened a page for memos about DIY.

(Updated) HR Noise 9: Drilling Box

January 5, 2022

I uploaded a fixed drilling plot (V.2.1.1) for my preamp.

(Updated) RasPi 7: Guitar Pedal Effected by Raspberry Pi Pico (Hardware Prototype - Assembly)

January 3, 2022

I updated the plot for etching a copper clad board. I haven't tested it yet though.

(Updated) E Gadgets 5: Compressor for Electric Guitar with PC817

January 2, 2022

I updated the schematic for bass guitars.

IoT 9: Chiptune and Trademarks

November 22, 2021

BST-1R 1: Adjusting

March 17, 2021

LesPaul SL 9: Body and Neck

January 11, 2021


August 29, 2020

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It's Why I Got Moving


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