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By the way, this is IBZ10 10 watts amp, my practice mate. I found that IBZ10 on 2000 Electric Guitar Catalog for USA. In Japanese 2000 Catalog, IBZ10 can be found in practice amplifiers. By pushing BOOST button, with any overdrive inline, the sound becomes the end of 20's century. As an acoustic amplifier, there is the noise that comes from the dynamic range of an op-amp. However as a preamp outlined from PHONES, there is no noise and gives the unique sound of Ibanez major lineups, Tone Blaster series. Note that IBZ3 10 watts amp is the real end-of-century practice amplifier in Japan. In that time, I played Yamaha's TC with a bridge humbucker plugging to VOX's tremolo amp, and practicing Deep Purple with natural sound (the "modern" suite was from Ochanomizu, the neighboring area of Akihabara, but I don't believe progressive Otaku people had sold the suite). Furthermore, another hobby had squashed my cash to buy an overdrive (guess the practical hobby even today).

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2. [ Cat]

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About my play with this song, I'll record my play by guitar. However, I haven't offered to the singer, Neighbor "Beow" Cat, because of this hot summer. Besides, I need to reserve a studio to record his voice.

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* In Japan, these days, the storm of the gender equality blows politicians and Media. Basically, it's self-criticism by politicians for "forgiveness" from the world, and I think it's should be done and people should just take a smile on their faces. I don't say my gender online. However, some neighbor cat told a story. The cat was a singer, and one day, he thought to become a professional one. He contacted a teacher, and the teacher said, "male singers, like you, have been less demanding." The cat felt of such a wonderful world, and put a microphone on his last stage. As a supplemental explanation by humanistic me, professional singers have no genre, and have to sing all songs, that is, male singers just have less stages than female singers. However, recent female singers are in trouble because they needed to sing in higher keys than ever. Singing in higher keys reduces the life as singers because listeners recognize them as singers with high keys who need toughness more than listeners think. The cat chatted aloud, "listeners doesn't want a singer like Joni Mitchell, but just order to sing up to the limit." "But, I remember," the cat said, "teacher's eyes were apparently shifty, and eyes of other people afterwards used to be fixed icily." The cat bent his neck and meow, "I could choose to remain as a singer at that time, but my voice is 'beow' rather than 'meow', isn't it?" Meanwhile, my dog was a store stuff to make a smile to customers. When the dog became a smiling leader, the dog needed to apologize the "failure" to all female stuffs. All right, the world around me is just wonderful.

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Making a LED unit. A yellow LED and a 10K ohms resistor. Considering the mechanical strength of the LED unit, I soldered the resistor on the anode of the yellow LED, and left the cathode to be wired with SW1. In my DIY preamp, I soldered a resistor on the cathode of a green LED.

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It's my wind sweep. Typical hand clap is the combination of 3 to 4 clips of clap sound, having different timing to start each clap a little, but I use a clip of single clap sound to emphasize the beat. The sound of a real kick drum has a little change of frequency that causes catchy sound, but I emphasize the tightness of the sound rather than hearing easily. I think this type of kick beats are used in jazz.

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* In 2016, Japanese government eased the restriction of area for night clubs by adding a new category. The category is regulated by brightness of a room.

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So, I made the LED module like this. Cut a lead on the cathode of LED and a lead on the 10K resistor, then soldered with supporting by clips. I paste liquid solder flux to leads before soldering with a lead free.

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